Deputy Minister Denitsa Nikolova: The future financial framework of the EU should include financing for small towns and big cities
19 Apr 2018 | 15:51
The new challenges facing modern cities and possible solutions were discussed in Sofia
06 Mar 2018 | 10:03
Denitsa Nikolova: The development of tourism and the cultural and historical heritage are prerequisites for economic growth in the Danube region
27 Feb 2018 | 14:21
Experts met in Sofia to discuss the opportunities of the Danube Strategy as the grounds for economic development
01 Feb 2018 | 17:09
Deputy Minister Denitsa Nikolova had officially received the ruler symbol of the Presidency of the Danube Strategy
04 Dec 2017 | 17:50
Minister Nikolay Nankov: Svishtov has BGN 17 million by 2020 under the Operational Programme "Regions in Growth"
07 Nov 2017 | 18:02
Deputy Minister Denitsa Nikolova: The whole budget of OP "Regions in Growth" of BGN 3 billion is expected to be announced for application next year
07 Nov 2017 | 18:01
In 2018 the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works Started up Campaign “My Town is My Fortress” amongst Pupils
06 Nov 2017 | 17:58
Alternative urban mobility was promoted in Plovdiv with a large-scale bike parade
03 Nov 2017 | 13:45
144 vocational secondary schools throughout the country will be mainly repaired
30 Oct 2017 | 16:23
Road Infrastructure Agency Requested from the Commission for Protection of Competition Preliminary Execution of the Contract for the Toll System
27 Oct 2017 | 14:37
Minister Nankov: Tolls Will Solve the Problem with the Insufficient Financing of the Road Sector
25 Oct 2017 | 11:58